Quilt Stamps- what a great idea!

I've found two ways to show off your interest in quilts when mailing envelopes and packages.

The US Post Office has issued stamps with quilts from Gee's Bend . Gee's Bend is an isolated place in Alabama. For more than 4 generations, the women there have created bold and unique quilts. Their creations were made because of need, but show their creativity and resoursefulness.

Their quilts have been turned into a traveling quilt show, whose final stop was San Francisco. I wish I could go to see these extraordinary works of American folk art in person. There has also been other types of publicity for the Gee's Bend quilters - books, tv shows, etc.

Another idea is to visit PhotoStamps.com and create your own personalized postage stamps. You can upload any digital photo or image, like a quilt you've made or a closeup of one block. Then you choose the value of the postage and place your order. In about a week, you'll have custom stamps that you can use on any piece of mail.

Wedding Ring block on a stamp

These photo stamps would also be great for weddings, new babies and other celebrations.

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