A quilt rack is just one way to display a quilt.

How do you display your quilts? With a quilt rack, hangers, shelf and rod, curtain rod or a ladder? Is there something else you use? Here's what I use at home.

I have a wooden rack that has 3 rods on it, similar to this one. It's about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall, so I'm able to easily display 6 quilts on it.

Here's a wooden shelf and rod combo that mounts to the wall and displays the quilt hanging down and trinkets on the shelf. I actually have 2 of these in use right now and a third one ready to be put up.

A friend used an old wooden ladder to drape her quilts on and leaned it against a wall. It's a very cute look and repurposes a ladder that may not be safe anymore. I'm sure you could find one at a garage or estate sale.

For my wall hangings, I use a wooden dowel rod with ribbon attached to each end. Nothing fancy, but it looks nice and does the job.

For your smaller items, you could also use these cute wire hangers. They are made in all kinds of different themes.

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