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You may also add a comment about any of the quilts you see here. (Be sure to include the Quilt ID number in your comment.) Maybe the colors spoke to you. Maybe it was the pattern. Whatever it was, let us know. Sharing thoughts about our quilts makes us all happy quilters. And thanks to everyone who has shared their treasured quilt.

This quilt started as a challenge from Keepsake Quilting catalog. I was planning to add the printed cat squares to it, but the rules said only black, white or red fabrics. So I couldn't use them because of the different accent colors. So I decided to make it for myself. I used the book "One of a Kind Quilts" that is out of print now and created this. The backing has little squares of all the different colors on it and then silohouettes of Mickey Mouse. That's how it got the name "Cats and The Mouse". I entered this in the Sampler Quilt category in the county fair and it won a 1st place Blue Ribbon. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA (Quilt ID 1047)

A friend made this when I took in 2 small foster children. This one is for the 3 year old girl. My friend had bought the fabric because she loves frogs, but didn't have a purpose in mind. She used the backing with the frogs as inspiration for the colors on the front. She whipped up this one and another one for my foster son in about a month. The kids love them! -JK, Plainfield, IL, USA (Quilt ID 1085)

Comment from Colleen - This colorful quilt will be a perfect naptime companion for a lucky little girl. For a foster child to have a quilt of her own is quite a tribute to the wonderful quilter who made it with love.

This little quilt was made for me by my granddaughter. She had picked out the fabric at the store with her mom because she likes pink and cats. Later, she decided to make me a quilt with it. Since it was only a fat quarter, the quilt had to be small. She cut the fabric and sewed the squares together herself. She told her mom that it should have the triangles on the edges and that her mom could do that part. It measures about 32" square and I'm using it for a table topper.

Update: My granddaughter just won a 1st place Blue Ribbon at the county fair for this little quilt! -Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA (Quilt ID 1710)

When I saw this pattern at the quilt shop, I bought it immediately because it reminded me of our family on the 4th of July, watching fireworks. Of course, because it was cats, that just made it more appropriate. I bought the navy batik fabric for the background, but everything else came from my stash. It was done with a fusible applique technique. The instructions said to use thick cotton thread and use a running stitch for the fireworks, but I had red and blue metallic thread that I used instead. I liked the sparkle better. -Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

My mom gave me this Sewing Cat pattern and batik fabrics for Christmas. It was a quick and easy fusible applique project that is wall hanging sized. I personalized the colors on the spools of thread and the blue/purple quilt blocks. I'm always changing 1 or 2 things in a pattern that I'm using. This won a 3rd place ribbon at the county fair. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

I have always wanted to learn to quilt but it all seemed so complicated when I read directions that I just never tried it. I met a woman last winter who worked for the same company I did and heard another co-worker begging her to make a quilt for her... I introduced myself, asked what she would charge me. She said she wouldn't make me one but she was looking for a quilting friend and would gladly teach me. I accepted and 5 weeks later I had made this quilt that my daughters are already arguing about who should have it when I expire, LOL!

I call it "Butterflies for my heart", I hand stitched each applique, and then handquilted hearts around the border. This quilt isn't perfect but noone who has seen it has mentioned any flaws, they have become my "personal touches". - Cheryl, Renton, WA, USA (Quilt ID 2003)

Here is a cat quilt that I made as a tribute to my cats. It was the second quilt I had ever made. - Loretta, Brookside, Newfoundland, Canada (Quilt ID 2002)

This wall hanging (17" x 21") is the result of a class on free motion embroidery that I took many years ago. The idea is to use specialty threads in your bobbin and sew the pattern from the back side. The inspiration for my design was the bright blue metallic thread. I immediately thought of a peacock. So I coordinated all the threads, sketched the peacock on the back with a chalk pencil and went to work. Free motion sewing is tricky at first, but I got better as I went along and I am pleased with the results. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

We have lots of cats in my family, so my mom decided to make me a cat quilt for my 30th birthday. She made the cat face blocks and set them on point, alternating with a black and white cat face print. The quilt is tied and that makes it kind of thick and fluffy. Mom even wrote the names of all the cats we had up to that time on the front, around the faces. It was a couple years after my 30th birthday that I actually received the quilt, but my kids and I love to snuggle under it while watching TV. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

"I Spy Scooby" was made for a friend who is expecting her first baby and who has a soft spot in her heart for all animals. She also likes Scooby Doo. This started out as a crib quilt, but grew when I found five different Scooby prints. So now I call it a 'floor' quilt. The baby can learn to crawl on it instead of being kept warm by it.

Sixty-three different (including the Scooby prints) animal prints were used for the blocks. All of the fabric (except Scooby) were from the stash I've collected for the Project Linus quilts I enjoy making.

The pattern was adapted from "I Spy Stars" in "Down Under Quilts" Issue 82 2005. The quilt is backed in a brightly colored 'fun' animal print. It measures 52" X 63". It was quilted with a varigated yellow thread in a star pattern using Border Pattern #405 from Quilting Made Easy Inc. It is the first time I've used a paper pattern for quilting and I found it was easier to do than I expected. - Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA

This quilt was my first online block exchange. The only rule was that the cat had to be realistic, so no purple cats (this time anyway!). My block is the red one with 2 black cats. After I received the other blocks in the mail, I put them together, quilted the plain squares and machine-embroidered all the names of our cats at the time (17 in all, we're down to 12 now). Block exchanges are fun, try one sometime. It was completed in early 1990's and measures 36" x 58". - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

I made this as therapy after we lost our Little Lucy cat (she got hit by a car). The design came from the book called "One of a Kind Quilts" that walks you through choosing the main theme of the quilt and then all the smaller blocks around it. The snowball blocks are made from newsprint fabric because playing fetch with paper balls was Lucy's favorite game. It was made in 1995 and measures 23" square. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

I'd been looking for a "crafty" project to work on and my daughter suggested Project Linus. I have arthritis and was no longer able to do the needlepoint or counted cross-stich I'd done for years. I was having withdrawals without a project to work on to relax and enjoy myself. I loved this fabric and thought it would be easy enough to layer and machine quilt. I thought the bright colors and cats would appeal to a child. Besides, my daughter is "mom" to a bunch of cats so it seemed appropriate to use a cat fabric. It is a whole cloth top with framed pictures of cats, backed in a bright-colored cat face fabric. I outline quilted around the frames and machine sewed the binding on. Unfortunately, I did not measure it before giving it to Project Linus in 2004. I enjoyed making this quilt and was inspired to make several more. - Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA

This is another quilt I made for Project Linus in 2005. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina arrived before I delivered this to Project Linus, so I sent this quilt, along with another one to AQS in Houston to be distributed to the refugees from New Orleans. I call this "Froggies". After the first Project Linus quilt, I started searching eBay for fat quarters that appealed to me. After I'd collected a number of them, it was apparent that I liked "fun" prints with animals and bright colors. Looking over the collection, themes for quilts jumped out at me. In this one, there are cowboy frogs, swimming frogs, motorcycling "bad biker" frogs, hippie frogs, frogs on scooters, race car driving frogs, surfing frogs, baseball playing frogs, inner tubing frogs and just plain frogs. It was backed in a humorous doctor- hospital frog fabric. There were frogs with broken arms, getting shots, in wheelchairs and on gurneys. When I bought the fabric, I was still thinking Project Linus and that it could be given to a child in a hospital. Maybe the silly backing would give that child a smile and help ease the seriousness of being hospitalized. It is 45" x 50 1/2". - Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA

This is the second quilt I made that was sent to AQS in Houston for Katrina refugees. I call this "Cruisin' Critters". Fabrics include pigs on skateboards, cats on flying carpets, chicks on motorcycles, dogs driving cars, bears in emergency vehicles, motorcycling cats, frogs on scooters, pigs flying planes, snorkeling cats, frogs tubing, pigs on motorcycles, race car driving frogs and Snoopies on motorcycles. The choice of fabrics was personal and appropriate. I have a pilot's license and collect piggie banks. My best friend and daughter collect frogs. Both daughters have cats. One daughter has dogs, as do I. My daughter's home day care was called "Teddy Bear House". My dad, brothers and son-in-law drive or have driven race cars. I used to drive a motorcyle. The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted in the ditch. It measures 37" x 40 1/2". It was completed in 2005. - Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA

This quilt was made for my first grandchild, Scott. My daughter chose a Noah's Ark theme for his room. The fabric was used for curtains and bumper pads. I decided I wanted to make a quilt for him using the same fabric. I hand quilted around all the animals and details on the ark and details on the animals. This is the first and last quilt I make that will be hand quilted. The quilt was made in 1996 and measures 34" x 50". It is backed in a red and white checked fabric. Scotty is still using the quilt. It has become somewhat faded because of washing, but has held up remarkably well. - Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA

This quilt is called "Emily's Bowtie Cats". It was made for my first granddaughter. Since her family loves cats (and has a bunch of them), a cat-themed quilt seemed the way to go. The bowties are made of a mouse and cheese print. I used a rainbow cats fabric to set off the bowties in some of the blocks. It is backed in a cat print on white. The quilt measures 40" x 48" and was machine pieced and quilted in the ditch. - Joanne, Peotone, IL, USA

This embroidered quilt shows 4 different animals, along with the letters A, B, C, D and E. It is worn through at the top, but it is stored in a display cabinet in my dining room (which has caused creases. I need to refold it more often!) I bought it at an antique show several years ago. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

This wall hanging was made in 1996 to hang on the door of our baby's room. It was made using fusible web to applique the pieces. There is very little quilting, just a couple clouds, around the boat and some waves in the brown water. I remember having a hard time deciding on blue fabric for the sky and another blue fabric for the water, so I ended up with brown for the water. Maybe I was thinking about when the ark landed. It measures about 22" square. - Tammy, Wilton Center, IL, USA

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